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ITVDesk Software solution for computer surveillance and transforms any computer into ONVIF IP camera

Available for download on Windows, Linux and MacOS. The latest stable version is: v6.1

Released April 12, 2022 (release notes)



Windows 7 or higher

 Download Windows ITVDesk v6.1 download ipcamera itvdesk or use ( Mirror Download ) - Size: 33 MB




Suitable for all Linux distributions.

 Download Linux ITVDesk v6.1 download ipcamera itvdeskor use ( Mirror Download ) - Size: 96 MB

Download, make it executable, and run! No need to install. No system libraries or system preferences are altered.
ITVDesk for linux uses the AppImage portable application format which allows users to run ITVDesk on rolling (e.g. Arch, openSUSE Tumbleweed...) and stable (e.g. Ubuntu LTS, CentOS...) Linux distributions very easily, without the need for installation or worry of dependencies. ITVDesk AppImage bundles all the files needed for it to run (e.g. libraries, translations, icons, fonts) that may not already be present on a user's system.
To run an ITVDesk.AppImage, simply:
Make it executable
$ chmod a+x ITVDesk*.AppImage
and run!
$ ./ITVDesk*.AppImage


Apple Mac OS X

 Download Osx ITVDesk download ipcamera itvdeskor use ( Mirror Download ) - Size: 69,5 MB

Download and run!
Drag the ITVDesk.app icon into your Applications.




 ITVDesk Product sheetdownload ipcamera itvdesk

 ITVDesk Installation guidedownload ipcamera itvdesk


Our software is intended for authorized system administrators and/or owners of the computer ONLY.
By installing our software you confirm that you are either the owner of the computer or have been given permission by the owner of the computer to install our software.
At no time should our product be installed or used on a computer that is considered to be for public use or that the owner of the computer has not agreed to explicitly.
You need to inform anyone who you may record that their Internet and PC Activity is subject to being recorded and archived.
Failure to comply with these conditions will be a violation of the software license agreement and may violate local, state or federal law.