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Subscription Floating License

Embark on an uninterrupted technological journey with our subscription license, offering endless software updates and unwavering support. Crafted for ultimate flexibility, this license can be applied across a myriad of machines. Its design enables smooth transitions between different PC versions and operating systems, including Windows, Linux, or OSX, making it ideal for varied computing environments

Life-Time Perpetual License

Embark on a seamless digital journey with your ITVDesk license, a unique investment that provides continuous access to software updates and dedicated technical support. Once activated, this license seamlessly integrates with your device's hardware, establishing a permanent connection to your current computer. Whether you reinstall ITVDesk, your license will always remain valid. Thinking of upgrading your hardware? Request a transfer of your existing license or purchase a new one to maintain consistent access to ITVDesk's exceptional services.

Understand license difference?

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AI Detection support (>= v7.8)   yes
Software free support yes yes yes yes
Online activation yes yes yes yes
Offline activation yes star yes yes
All application features   yes yes yes
Use licence on different computers   yes    star   yes
Support on Linux, Windows and Mac yes yes yes yes
Maximal IP camera with channels IPCam2+16ch IPCam16+16ch IPCam16+16ch On request
Supports up to 100 concurrent stream yes yes yes On request
Geek Log manager   yes yes yes
Transcoding and Transmuxing   yes yes yes
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