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ITVDesk ONVIF IP Camera 4.5 released

- Implement ONVIF Analytics and Rule Service interfaces.
- Implement, support HikVision NVR/DVR Event setup (Motion Detection, Video Lost...).
- Implement add and remove streams (Profile) over ITVDesk.
- Implement, now all data from Surveillance Center (NVR/VMS) is saved (AES encripted) and automatic reload on reboot. Analytics settings, Receivers settings, Time settings, Network settings, User management, Relays management, Event and other...
- Implement Discovery Resolve Message - A Resolve message is a WS-Discovery message used by a client to search for services
on the network by name. A client will only send a Resolve message when an HTTP message (such as a Get metadata exchange request
or a service message) will be sent. A Resolve message is sent by UDP multicast to port 3702.
- Implement ONVIF Discovery or Non-Discovery devices setup.
- Automatic send update Data and Time reqest from Surveillance Center (NVR/VMS).
- Improvements application User Interface Protection options.
- Improvements grab media source Desktop, Webcam on all platform.
- Improvements Onvif and RTSP protocol, better compatibility with NVR-s.
- Improvements memory processing.
- Improvements stability and Multi-threaded processing.
- Improvements Video Hardware Acceleration Decoding.
- Improvements Motion Detection, Alarm IN and Alarm OUT.
- Fixed couple of small bugs.



itvdesk setup onvif discovery mode support

itvdesk onvif ip camera setup new video stream and remove it