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ITVDesk ONVIF IP Camera 4.6 released

Implement setup ITVDesk setting over Terminal (For all platform).
Improvements startup network setup.
Improvements License Menager.
Fixed couple of small bugs.


Using the ITVDesk application from the command prompt

You can use ITVDesk ONVIF IP Camera at the command prompt on Linux, Windows and MAC OSX.

Command prompt syntax:

ITVDesk <argument> [SET]

To view help on the command prompt syntax, enter the following command:

ITVDesk [ -h | --help ]


This command allows you to obtain a full list of commands that are available for managing ITVDesk through the command prompt.

ITVDesk -invisable 1 (or 0 for disable it)

ITVDesk -default 1

ITVDesk -licfile 1

ITVDesk -uilock 0

ITVDesk --help

ITVDesk --version

At the command prompt, you can refer to the application either from the application installation folder or by specifying the full path to ITVDesk.

itvdesk setup over terminal

Setup ITVDesk setting over Terminal