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Podržani ONVIF protokoli Profile T, S, G, C, Q
Protokoli strimanja RTSP/RTP  
RTSP/RTP podržava RTP kroz TCP/UDP,  RTP multicast, RTSP kroz HTTP/HTTPS
ONVIF & RTSP video kodiranje
H265, H264, MP4, MJPEG
ONVIF & RTSP audio kodiranje G711, AAC, G726
Automacko pronalaženje na mreži i ponovno povezivanje
Dvosmjerni audio (Bidirectional audio podrška)
Automacko javljanje dolaska i odlaska sa mreže
Podržava MIX više kanalnih i više ONVIF IP kamera
yes + ONVIF16 Drive support
Podešavanje parametara kamera u NVR/VMS
Detekcija pokreta Pomak miša, klik miša ili klik tipkovnice
Alarm IN, slanje panik prekidača na NVR/VMS
Alarm OUT, primanje dolaznog alarma i aktivacija Pokretanje odabrane aplikacije, gašenje, resetiranje, zaključavanje računala...
Podržani Streams MainStream, SubStream, ThirdStream, FourthStream, CostomStream
RTSP Autentifikacija Digest and Basic 
ONVIF Autentifikacija WS-UsernameToken
OSD Izbornik kamere
Video filteri  Sharp, Crno/Bijelo, Blur, Deinterlace
Automatsko transkodiranje video i audio strima Trancode, Tranmuxing, Transrating 
Audio mixer Povezivanje video strima s bilo kojim audio strimom
Podržava ONVIF audio/video playback funkciju
Onvif configuring network and users settings
Onvif relay out settings
Rotacija strima


Strimanje PC monitora (1, 2 ili više monitora)
Strimanje Web kamera (1, 2 ili više web kamera)
Strimanje iz Foldera računala (1, 2 ili video fajla)
Strimanje audio računala (1, 2 ili više izvora)
Audio mixanje s bilo kojim media izvorom (radna povrsina+mikrofon...)
Povezivanje s drugom IP kamerom
rtsp, rtmp, http jpeg
Konvertiranje 3th party RTSP, RTMP, HTTP JMPEG strima u ONVIF IP Kameru
Ukupan broj media izvora (Monitora + Webkamera + Audio uredaja + From FIle + External IP Kamera)
256 (16IPC*16CH)


Rezolucija video strima
Samo podešavanje
Kompletno ONVIF podesavanje video strima: fps, bitrate, video kodiranje, vrijeme sesije, GOV, Profile, I-frame...
Kompletno ONVIF podesavanje audio strima: simple rate, bitrate, audio kodiranje, vrijeme sesije, mono/stereo...
Rotiranje svih media izvora (Desktop, Webcam, From file, External IP cam, Audio only)
None, R90, L90, FlipH, FlipV
Automatsko transkodiranje (Trancode, Tranmuxing, Transrating)


Ispis pritiska tipke na video strimu. Dohvat pritiska tipki računala na OSD
Prikaz vriemena i datuma
Prikaz naziv kanala kamere
Samo odabrani OSD tekst
Vrh Ljevo-Desno, Dno Ljevo-Desno
Podešavanje boje i veličine OSD teksta


Pokretanje druge 3th party aplikacije
Pokretanje terminal naredbe
Gašenje računala
Resetiranje računala
Zaključavanje računala


Podešavanje panik tipke na računalu
Podešavanje trajanja panic alarma
Obavijest o poslanom panik alarmu


Detekcija pomaka i klika miša
Detekcija pritiska tipkovnice
Podešavanje trajanja pokreta


Skriveni način rada aplikacije
Automacko pokretanje sa računalom
Zaštita aplikacije sa lozinkom
Pokretanje applikacije u pozadini
Isključivanje stanje mirovanja računala i monitora
Uklanjanje aplikacije sa liste programa
Testiranje video strima
Instalacija bez Interneta

ITVDesk support new profile T* and S. Compatible with any NVR/VMS which supports ONVIF standard.

Multiple Screen Live (monitors) supported
ITVDesk IP Camera can captures and streams multiple computer desktops simultaneously.

Multiple Video Device (webcams) supported
ITVDesk supports all connected webcams on local computer. It allows one to connect many webcams to the same ITVDesk and stream them simultaneously.

Multiple Audio (Microphone) supported
Any Microphone which available in the system could be configured to use with any Video input. There is also an option to configure Windows Default Microphone for using. ITVDesk produces audio feed along with video. Audio is provided in G.711 (PCMU), AAC, G726 encoding formats

Multiple From File supported
Any *.mp4 or *.flv video file can be stream over ITVDesk ONVIF IP Camera

Mutiple External IP Camera connection
ITVDesk support connected with external IP camera and transcoding, transmuxing, trasrating stream to new ONVIF IP Camera.

ITVDesk is first ONVIF IP Camera with MIX Multiple Channels and Multiple Cameras.
Multiple Channels is give users to create virtual ONVIF IP Camera with multiple video channels – one channel for each video input (screen or webcam).
(Example – if there are 2 monitors connected and 3 webcam, the ITVDesk will appear as 1 ONVIF device with 5 video outputs/channels.)
Multiple Cameras give users to create a new virtual ONVIF IP Camera for each video input. This could be useful if NVR/VMS does not support ONVIF multichannel devices/ONVIF16 drive. In this case, ITVDesk can produce a new dedicated IP camera for each video input. All cameras will share the same IP address, but will have a different port. (Example – if there are 2 monitors connected and 1 webcam, the ITVDesk will appear as 3 ONVIF devices running on ports 7000, 7001, and 7002. Each device will have 1 video channel.)

All media source have rotation supported
ITVDesk can automatically rotate output video stream. There are several rotation modes:
– Disable – Not changes on putput.
– Auto - In this mode ITVDesk will transform Portrait oriented screens to Landscape oriented video stream. The same way how most of hardware ONVIF encoders do. Landscape screens will be streamed without a change.
– R180. Rotate output stream by 180 degree to the left.
– FlipH. Flip the output stream horizontally.
– FlipV. Flip the output stream vertically.

Bidirectional - Audio-Back channel
Bidirectional audio in ITVDesk with surveillance system. We use it in ITVDesk IP Camera app, allowing a send sound on computer over VMS, NVR an ability to converse back and forth saves time, resources and money.

OSD One Screen Display settings
- ITVDesk IP Camera have implement KeyStroke module and have powerful algorithm can record in video stream everything that is typed on the keyboard, including passwords, regardless of the application used (Skype, Facebook, AOL, AIM, GTalk, etc.).
- Advance overlay video with name ch, time and date, mouse, costom text Top/Down left and right.

H265 video encoding support with support ONVIF Profile T
ITVDesk supports hardware accelerated High-Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC/H265), it’s a more efficient encoding standard. In comparison to h.264, MP4 or MJPEG, HEVC offers ~60% better data compression at the same level of video quality. With this codec video could be streamed with lowest possible bit rate while maintaining a high image quality level.

Ključne značajke ITVDesk servisa:
   - Podrška za različite audio i video datoteke.

   - Automatsko transkodiranje.
   - Podrška za streaming video s web kamere, aktivnog zaslona, ​​iz datoteke, vanjske IP kamere, vanjskih medijskih poslužitelja.
   - Podrška za strujanje videopotoka H265, H264, MP4, MJPEG
   - Podrška za strujanje G711, G722, G726, AAC audio stream
   - Podrška za konfiguriranje audio i video izlaznih parametara
   - Podrška za povezivanje s vanjskim izvorom medija, uključuju rtsp, rtmp i http mjpeg stream
   - Podržava dvosmjerno strujanje zvuka
   - Podrška RTSP preko HTTP-a
   - Podrška RTP multicast funkciju na svim IP kamerama
   - Podrška RTP preko UDP-a, RTP preko TCP-a.
   - Podržava ONVIF funkciju reprodukcije audio/video zapisa
   - Auto discovery over the network.
   - Auto online hello and bye message over the network.
   - Manage camera parameters directly from NVR/VMS.
   - Multi-threaded processing, less resource usage.
   - Secured ONVIF communication.

   - Secured RTSP streaming.
   - KeyStroke keyboard.
   - Alarm IN function.

   - Alarm OUT funkcion.
   - FPS adjustable.
   - Clock and Date overlay.
   - ONVIF Motion events.
   - Test mode.

ITVDesk allows for managing of the following parameters directly from VMS/NVR or ONVIF Device Manager:
   - Video Encode: H264, H265, MP4 or MJPEG
   - Audio Encode: G711, AAC, G726
   - Camera reboot/reset/shutdown
   - Change network settings. IP address, Gateway, DNS, ONVIF port, SSL port.
   - Relay control (Alarm Out).
   - Video profile (software ships with 5 profiles for each video channel
     MainStream, SubStream, ThirdStream, FourthStream, CostomStream NVR can create own profile if needed).
   - Device Scopes
   - Device user with level (User, Administrator or Operator)
   - Video resolution (software can resize original desktop resolution)
   - Setup video Encode profile:
      H264: Baseline, Main, Extended, High.
      H265: Main, Main10
      MP4: SP, ASP
   - GOV size
   - Session Timeout
   - Max Bitrate
   - FPS

ITVDesk pokriva sljedeće ONVIF usluge:
   - Device discovery
   - Device management
   - Media service
   - Media service 2
   - Device IO
   - OSD configuration
   - Image Setting
   - Recording Control
   - Recording search
   - Recording replay
   - Event Polling
   - Event Notification
   - Support HTTPS

Kompatibilan s ONVIF profilom T, profilom S, profilom G, profilom C, profilom Q, Profile A

UI part of IT Desk can be protected by password and hide in background (Ctrl+Alt+I).

For more details please visit: SupportPage >>

* – ITVDesk have FULL supports of the ONVIF Profile T, S functionality.
ONVIF interface compatibility is tested by ONVIF official test tool V19.12.
* – All stream have Transcoding, Transmuxing, Transrating and can be setting front and over ONVIF protocol.