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ITVDesk ONVIF IP Camera 7.9

1. New Feature: ONVIF Profile G Support: Fully implemented ONVIF Profile G for replay and playback compatibility support.
2. New Feature: Local Recording Streams: Added support for local recording streams with Profile G support.
3. New Feature: RTSP Address Finder: Introduced an RTSP address finder in ITVDesk RTSP DBA for streamlined address discovery.
4. New Video Filter - Invert Colors: Added a new video filter that inverts colors for unique visual effects.
5. Software Stability Improvements: Enhanced overall software stability for better performance and reliability.
6. Application Window Capture IP Camera Enhancement: Improved Application Window Capture with support for shared instance run, enhancing performance.
7. HTTP support now Long Connections: Enabled HTTP server to support long connections for more robust server-client interactions.
8. HTTP Server and RTSP Client Connection Improvements: Optimized connections for better efficiency and reliability.
9. Media External IP Camera and Media Pusher Optimization: Improved media External IP Camera and media Live pusher functionalities for smoother media handling.

ITVDesk ONVIF IP Camera 7.8

New Features and Enhancements:
1. AI Smart Object Detection and Counting: Added support for AI-powered object detection and counting with Region of Interest (ROI) functionality.
2. Onvif People Counter Support: Introduced support for Onvif People Counter across NVR, DVR, and VMS systems.
3. Rotation Log History: Implemented a 4-rotation Geek Log History feature for better log management.
4. Export and Import Configuration: Added buttons for exporting and importing ITVDesk settings, simplifying configuration management.
5. User Interface Upgrade: Upgraded the user interface to Qt6 for more responsive experience.
6. WGC Support: Added support for better Windows Graphics Capture (WGC) to enhance screen and window capture capabilities on Windows platforms.

Support and Compatibility:
7. Onvif Version 23.12: Fully supports the latest Onvif standards.
8. License Management: Improved license handling on both Windows and Mac OS X platforms.

Performance and Stability Improvements:
9. Software Stability: Various enhancements to improve overall software stability.
10. Cache Management: Added caching for frame text and filter on screen draw operations to enhance performance.
11. CameraDetails.json: Updated the CameraDetails.json API file with additional data.
12. Network Data Reception: Support for multi-threaded network data reception from many clients, optimizing data handling efficiency.
13. RTP Multicast Optimization: Improved RTP multicast and Onvif playback performance.
14. RTSP over WebSocket: Optimized RTSP streaming over WebSocket for better performance.

16. Enhanced web service functionality to support AI Smart Object Detection Statistic and live Counting status.
17. Updated AWDraw snapshot feature.
These updates bring significant enhancements to ITVDesk, ensuring a more robust and user-friendly experience.

ITVDesk ONVIF IP Camera 7.7.1

1. Add support for AXIS Camera Station Client.
2. This update allows for more flexible and efficient automatic onvif video and audio streaming configurations, enabling users to tailor their profiles for optimal performance.

ITVDesk ONVIF IP Camera 7.7

1. New Feature: User Consent for Surveillance Activities   
    We've introduced a new feature that enhances user privacy and control. Now, users will be notified of any surveillance activities   (like screen, webcam, and sound recording...) and can choose to allow or disallow these actions. This update underscores our commitment to transparency and user autonomy.
2. New Feature: Livestream Pusher (Camera Media Source) Enhanced Data Pusher for RTSP Streams   
    Exciting news for our users – we've now integrated RTSP Data Pusher into our streaming solutions!   This powerful feature enhances our RTSP server by enabling it to receive external data sources and broadcast them as RTSP streams.   With support for TCP, UDP, and RTSP modes, our Data Pusher facilitates seamless audio and video streaming in RTP format.        If it is RTSP mode, it supports standard RTSP push stream, such as FFMPEG rtsp pusher. ffmpeg -stream_loop -1 -re -i test.mp4 -vcodec libx264 -acodec copy -f rtsp rtsp://
3. Improving overall software stability.

ITVDesk ONVIF IP Camera 7.6

1. Add support for mutiple select media file in FromFile media streaming option.
2. Add support for remove mutiple IPCam in ExtendedSelection list.
3. Improving overall License software stability on Windows platform.
4. Improving From File media source stability.
5. Support for Exporting IPCamera information in JSON Format: ITVDesk application now enables to export a list of RTSP addresses and more   in .json format. This new feature provides a simpler and more efficient way to share, and process RTSP addresses across various platforms   and applications. The generated .json files can be easily loaded and parsed in all major programming languages, offering users flexibility and broad integration possibilities into their systems    over local ITVDesk/html folder or over protocol.
6. Add options for External IP camera support On-Demand access: Connect to external cameras only as needed for optimized performance.

ITVDesk ONVIF IP Camera 7.5

1. Serial Number License Activation: Introduced a streamlined process for activating licenses using serial numbers, enhancing user convenience and simplifying the activation procedure.
2. Improvment Application Window Capture IP Camera media source on Windows: Upgraded window media source capture on the Windows platform. Now with enhanced support for Direct3D (D3D) and video windows, ensuring a more robust and efficient performance.
3. Geek Log Management Enhancement: Revamped logging functionality with a limit of 5MB for maximum log size, optimizing the process for better log management and system efficiency.
4. HTTP Request Improvements: Enhanced the stability and performance of the software by resolving issues related to HTTP requests.
5. FromFile IP Camera Stability Fix: Addressed and fixed the crash issue encountered with the FromFile IP camera, especially when dealing with file names that include spaces.
6. External IP Camera URL Validation: Strengthened the external IP camera functionality by introducing validation checks for URL paths, ensuring reliability and correctness.
7. Enhanced Video Encoding for H264 and H265: Improved both the efficiency and stability of H264 and H265 video encoding, providing a smoother user experience.
8. Expanded MJPEG Stream Support: Upgraded the system to support larger MJPEG stream resolutions, now accommodating sizes beyond 2048x2048 pixels.
9. New Unbundling License Option: Added a new feature for unbundling licenses, providing users with greater flexibility and control over their license management.
10.Improving overall License software stability.

ITVDesk ONVIF IP Camera 7.4

1. Enhanced ONVIF Device Compatibility: Significant improvements have been made to the Onvif Device Test Tool V23.06, ensuring more robust and reliable performance in passing tests.
2. Added Support for Video Stream Rotation: Now featuring support for 90° CCW (Counter-Clockwise) and 90° CW (Clockwise) video stream rotation, enhancing flexibility in video orientation handling.
3. New Video Filters Added, Introduced a range of new video filters to enrich the visual effects.    
Gaussian Blur Apply a soft blur effect to your streaming.   
Edge Detection: Highlight the edges within your video streaming.   
Vignette Effect: Adds a vignette or soft fade at the edges of the streaming.   
Color Balance: Fine-tune the color balance of your videos.
4. Resolved various other issues, improving overall software stability.

ITVDesk ONVIF IP Camera 7.3

We are excited to announce the latest release of our software, featuring significant enhancements and optimizations: 

1. FFmpeg Library Update to the version of FFmpeg 6, ensuring improved performance and stability over the previous FFmpeg 4.2.1.
2. ONVIF Media Configuration Compliance: Achieved full compliance with the latest Onvif Device Test Tool V23.06, ensuring seamless integration and interoperability in ONVIF Media Configuration.
3. Enhanced UDP and Multicast Efficiency: Optimized our UDP and multicast functionalities for faster and more reliable network communication.
4. Refined PCM Audio Processing: Improved the handling and processing of PCM audio data, providing clearer and more consistent audio quality.
5. ONVIF Version Number Handling: Enhanced the handling of ONVIF version numbers, ensuring better compatibility and smoother operation with ONVIF-compliant devices.
6. Advanced HTTP Digest Authentication: Upgraded our HTTP digest algorithm to support MD5-sess and SHA256-sess, enhancing security and encryption for network communications.
7. This update represents our ongoing commitment to providing advanced and reliable software solutions. 
8. Improved processing AVDraw text on video stream.
9. 64-bit Architecture Build: This update includes a significant enhancement tailored for 64-bit computing architectures, ensuring elevated performance and efficiency on 64-bit systems. By optimizing for the advanced capabilities of modern hardware, our application now leverages the full potential of contemporary computing environments, resulting in faster processing and an overall improved user experience.

We thank our users for their continuous support and feedback, which are invaluable in our pursuit of excellence.

ITVDesk ONVIF IP Camera 7.2

1. Application Upgrade with Support for Channel Selection on HikVision NVR/DVR/XVR Devices. Aiming for the continuous enhancement of our application’s functionality, we are thrilled to announce the latest upgrade which now includes support for channel selection on HikVision NVR (Network Video Recorder) devices.This upgrade grants users greater control and flexibility when adding and managing IP cameras in their video surveillance systems. Through the ITVDesk platform, users have the ability to add new IP cameras with multiple channels and easily select the desired channelon their HikVision NVR/DVR devices when adding an IP camera. This improved functionality allows HikVision users to optimize the management of video sources, and tailor the system according to their specific needs. This is a significant step forward in providing enhanced user interaction and efficiency, continuing our commitment to delivering high-quality solutions for our users.

2. Added New Feature: Closed Group of Pictures (GOP) Implemented the open-gop setting to enhance resilience to packet loss and errors during streaming. This setting allows for the independent decoding of each group of pictures, improving video playback in scenarios with poor network conditions.

ITVDesk ONVIF IP Camera 7.1

1. Introduction of support for ONVIF version 23.06, ensuring compatibility with the latest industry standards.
2. Enhanced system management of the ITVDesk configuration file, facilitating easier setup and customisation.
3. Improved processing of HTTP Digest Authentication, bolstering security measures.
4. Specification of ONVIF server IP now allows the GetNetworkInterfaces request to return only the configured network interface, simplifying network configuration.
5. Optimisation of audio capture and encoding across Windows, OS X, and Linux platforms, promoting better audio.
6. Enabled feature for recording system audio on Windows, expanding audio recording capabilities.
7. Performance enhancement of the HTTP MJPEG client for smoother video streaming.
8. Resolved various other issues, improving overall software stability.
itvdesk 7.1

ITVDesk ONVIF IP Camera 7.0

1. Optimization of SOAP protocol handling, promoting better efficiency and communication between devices.
2. Improved ONVIF configuration settings, facilitating more intuitive setup.
3. Refined ONVIF event notification processing for Alarm-In, Alarm-Out, and motion detection messages, ensuring timely and accurate notifications.
4. Introduction of support for SHA-256 Digest Authentication function, enhancing security measures.
5. Enabled metadata stream data forwarding feature, promoting better data handling.
6. External media sources now support metadata data, enriching media information availability.
7. Upgraded RTP data receiving and transmission process, promoting smoother video streaming.
8. Enhanced performance of external media sources including RTSP, SRT, and RTMP clients.
9. Improved the seek functionality for local media file playback, ensuring smoother media navigation over media Play-er.
10.Resolved various other issues, improving overall software stability.